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Brexit Violates Good Friday Agreement

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Brexit Violates Good Friday Agreement

    április 8, 2021  No Comments

www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2019/04/moderates-northern-ireland-good-friday-agreement/587764/. Our analysis shows that it is not clear that Parliament has the cohesion or the obligation to do the hard work necessary to preserve the agreement. No one disputes that Johnson made concessions and made several U-turns to ensure the UK`s withdrawal from the EU through a withdrawal agreement. And no doubt there are good reasons to suspect each of his maneuvers. But the new rules do not go against the PGA, at least not yet. A new analysis that we have just finalised shows that Parliament`s objection to the backstop amounts to an implicit rejection of the Good Friday Agreement, the agreement that ended the armed conflict in Northern Ireland. The reasons why Parliament opposes the “backstop” are precisely what made the peace agreement work. 14 Therefore, the GFA, as a common and reciprocal redefinition of British and Irish public sovereignty over Northern Ireland, was a remarkably incomplete and unfinished constitutional process. The withdrawal of the United Kingdom and its border problem in Ireland show that the 1998 agreement did not go far enough to provide for an explicit, indisputable and constitutional (new) definition of the Dublin and London obligations as the sovereign guarantee of the agreement. MP Richard Neal, a long-time spokesman for Irish interests, is part of this Irish leadership. He is chairman of the influential Ways and Means Committee in Congress, which will take into account all trade deals between the US and Britain after Brexit.

He also recently reiterated his view that “any trade agreement between the United States and Great Britain must respect the Good Friday agreement.” In 1922, the Free State of Ireland formally separated from the United Kingdom as an autonomous regime, in accordance with the Anglo-Irish Treaty, and was the conditions for full national independence, while Northern Ireland remained a member of the United Kingdom. As a result, the demarcation line between these two parts of the island has become an international border. Cross-border trade in goods and services has been subject to different tax and customs regimes and customs infrastructure has been put in place at designated border crossing points. All traffic was controlled by the jurisdiction in which it entered. This could result in a full search of the vehicle, with delays and inconveniences resulting. However, passport controls have not been enforced, with the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland part of the common travel area. The UK and the EU had agreed not to put in place border infrastructure for Ireland, but the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has meanwhile announced that it is prepared to violate the withdrawal agreement – and thus violate international law – to ensure that no trade barriers are erected between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

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