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Confidentiality Agreement In Italiano

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Confidentiality Agreement In Italiano

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1.2. Unless the parties have a written agreement to the contrary, the confidentiality obligations under art are provided for. [ ] will survive and remain valid and in force for a further period of [] years after the expiry of this agreement.” A confidentiality agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement or confidentiality agreement, is a synalistic legal record that refers to confidential information and by which the parties agree to keep it secret, in the context of the incident of violation of the agreement and the conduct of certain punitive clauses. 5.2. Information that the Receiving Contracting Party possessed or provided to it by a third party prior to the signing of the confidentiality agreement. The information transmitted to the other party may vary depending on the nature of the contractual relationship that the parties are prepared to examine: it may therefore be purely technical, for example.B. , the company`s know-how in a technological or financial and strategic sector, if it refers to the industrial and commercial strategies by which the company has, in the medium or long term, , its competition policy in the markets in which it operates. In the case of acquisitions, the seller also provides, for the “due diligence” of potential buyers, that confidential information (companies, finance, trade, etc.) is useful to offer an accurate “photo” of the target company (“Photography” which is actually more or less accurate, depending on the completeness of the data provided by the seller). In other cases, the duty of confidentiality may also be the existence of the negotiations initiated by the parties. 6. Determining documents containing confidential information when the parties interrupt negotiations or decide not to cooperate: results: 122.

Exactly: 122. Response time: 283 ms. In particular, it has been used in the practice of international relations for the signing of confidentiality agreements, a confidentiality agreement, a confidentiality agreement, a confidentiality agreement, a confidentiality agreement, before the actual negotiations are engaged in which the party or parties receiving confidential information agree to respect that confidentiality and not to make it public. to prevent its value from being wiped out in the farm to which it belongs. 1.1.In the event of the expiry or termination of this contract for any reason, the recipient party undertakes without delay: these agreements are often signed when two companies or individuals think they need to do business together and understand and learn the other party`s business processes, for the sole purpose of assessing potential business relationships. Confidentiality agreements may be reciprocal (i.e. both parties are limited in the use of the material obtained) or limit only one of the parties. 4.1. The receiving party is responsible for a duty of confidentiality by employees and advisors involved in negotiations with the public party. Like the Memorandum of Understanding (which remains the most popular research key for readers of my articles…),, confidentiality agreements are preliminary contracts and are supposed, if properly formulated, to settle certain aspects of the negotiation phase.

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