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Learning Agreement Erasmus Unibo

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Learning Agreement Erasmus Unibo

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Check your email account regularly in studio.unibo.it and take the online test immediately, as available places may not meet the full demand. Vorrei chiedere un prolungamento di periodo; cosa devo Tariff? The procedura é descritta nella guida per studenti erasmus “Handbook”. Read the appendix (How to submit the Learning Agreement) Carefully read the deadline for submitting the apprenticeship agreement? You must submit the learning agreement in a timely manner to be approved before your mobility begins. We recommend contacting the international relations office responsible for your area of study to see if the study committee has established a timetable for the learning agreement procedures. Do I have to wait until the LA procedure on AlamRM is complete before I apply to the accommodation university? No, you can present to the host university a learning agreement signed by the academic coordinator. Help DeskTel Phone: `39 051 20 99348 – 98042 – 99089 Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pmVirtu Help DeskZoom Address: unibo.zoom.us/j/87304387828Opening: Monday and Wednesday: 10am – 11.30am Friday: 10am – 11am How can I extend my mobility period? The procedure is explained in the Erasmus manual. “possibile ridurre la durata del periodo di mobilit”? Yes, e non necessario richiedere formalmente la riduzione. Per il calcolo della borsa di studio si faré riferimento alle date indicate nel certificato di periodo. Si tenga presente che la durata minima di una mobility di 3 mesi (90 giorni). Se si desidera ridurre il periodo prima della partenza, contattare erasmus@unibo.it prima della firma dell`accordo di mobility. In addition to the proposed Erasmus scholarships, resd has signed contracts with the following universities: Can I withdraw from my mobility, are there delays? Yes, yes. Note that if you opt out of mobility on the date indicated in the Erasmus manual, you authorize the appointment of another student from the reserve list. Who supports the apprenticeship agreement? The international relations office for your field of study.

The board of directors of your program is responsible for both the approval of your learning agreement and the credit recognition process. Can I table the mobility agreement if the apprenticeship agreement has not yet been approved? No, you must file the mobility contract after approval of the apprenticeship agreement by the study board. When you visit Erasmus Mobility for your studies, you cannot print the mobility contract for an internship until you have put online your “End of Period” certificate for studies on AlmaRm, which attests to the official end date of your Erasmus study period. Go to your study area`s office following the Erasmus internship. Approval of the content of the learning agreement and recognition of credits in case of return are tasks of your studies. How can I reduce the length of my mobility? There is no need to formally request a reduction in duration. The length of your stay is calculated on the basis of the period. Please note that the minimum duration of mobility is 3 months (90 days). If you wish to reduce the duration of your mobility before your departure, please contact erasmus@unibo.it before signing the mobility contract. What is THE OLS – On line Linguistic SupportL`OLS is an online program to support and monitor the linguistic development of Erasmus students; Participants must take a language test at the beginning and end of mobility and, during the Erasmus period, they can take an online language course to improve their language skills.

For more information, visit the Online Language Support (OLS) section on our website. Will Trovare alloggio per il periodo erasmus? Per prima cosa, contatta l`ufficio erasmus dell`university ospitante per informazioni sui loro servizi di ricerca alloggio o studentati.

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