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Jurisdiction And Arbitration Agreements And Their Enforcement 3Rd Ed

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Jurisdiction And Arbitration Agreements And Their Enforcement 3Rd Ed

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Remedies such as suspension, injunctions, dispute resolution and enforcement are assessed from both the EU`s and common law perspectives, making this title invaluable to those practising commercial litigation and arbitration in England and Wales or in a number of common law jurisdictions. Singapore and Hong Kong. This book provides a comprehensive study of the conditions, effectiveness and application of exclusive jurisdiction and arbitration agreements in international dispute settlement. The question is whether jurisdictional and arbitration clauses in private international law have the same effects and whether they have been or should be treated on the same level by most countries in the world. By comparing the treatment of these clauses in the United States, China, the United Kingdom and the EU, Zheng Sophia Tang shows how, in practice, exclusive jurisdiction and arbitration agreements are applied. The book examines whether the Hague Convention on the Choice of Judicial Agreements could be considered the title of the New York Convention and whether it could work successfully to facilitate judicial cooperation and the autonomy of the parties in international trade. This book takes new paths to combine materials updated in EU, US and UK legislation with unique resources for Chinese law and Chinese practice. It will be valuable to academics and practitioners working in the field of private international law and international arbitration. David Joseph QC of Essex Court Chambers has acted in a wide range of general commercial litigation in English courts and is now recognized as one of the leading practitioners in the field of international arbitration. He also acted in a series of actions that resulted in complex jurisdictional and injunction issues, including an injunction.B. Lee Kui Jak against Aerospatiale.

He has appeared in numerous leading international arbitration cases, both in England and before the courts in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Caribbean. He has acted for creditors in long-standing disputes between Astro v FM and others. He has acted and appeared as an advisor in a large number of complex and long LCIA, ICC, UNCITRAL and other ad hoc arbitrations in London and abroad. The re-edition of this leading work offers a comprehensive treatment of jurisdictional and arbitration agreements in trade agreements and the execution of substantial judgments. It includes a review of the most recent cases and changes to international conventions, as well as practical advice on the problems that may arise in this area. An authority on arbitration, the main features of this title are: Zheng Sophia Tang is a chair at Newcastle University Law School, United Kingdom.

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