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Northwestern Early Decision Agreement Form

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Northwestern Early Decision Agreement Form

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Schapiro said that while the proportion of classes that NU fills of first-timers for the decision has increased from 25 percent for the 2010 class to 40 percent for the 2016 class, he does not want to increase the admission rate any further. Watson and Mills both stated that the early decision program for NU had worked well and would likely last some time. But one of the things the university hopes to improve is financial assistance, as tuition fees continue to rise and current UN students are already feeling the financial pressure. “Early admission programs tend to benefit,” Derek Bok, then acting president of Harvard, wrote in a statement after Harvard made the decision to end its early-onset program. “Students from more demanding backgrounds and more affluent high schools often apply at an early stage to increase their chances of admission, while minority students and students from rural areas, other countries and high schools with fewer resources are down.” Take the following steps to apply for financial assistance. Once all documents have been received, the Financial Assistance Office will review your application to determine eligibility. You will be informed of your assistance shortly after your authorization decision. When it came time to complete my applications for the senior year, I had to decide whether or not to apply for an early decision in the northwest. Even though I loved Northwestern, the idea was to sign a contract that said that if I was accepted, I would participate, intimidating, especially for an undecided person like me. But when I really thought about it, I knew that if I was in every school I did, northwestern would always be my first choice. The university admissions process can be brutal and there doesn`t seem to be any rhyme or reason to accept or refuse sometimes, so the application of the early decision gave me my best shot on the way to the northwest. When I submitted my application, I expected to feel something great, but I just breathed a sigh of relief that it was in, and I waited until December to make my decision. “We`re a little different; Our old decision pool is not as different in revenue margins as our pool of ordinary decisions,” Mills said.

“We have no evidence that our previous decisions disadvantage low-income children, which is different from many East Coast schools.” “I would like more families and students to know that this is their right,” Mills said. “The most common criticism of an early decision is precisely that students are not able to weigh competing offers and leave (where they applied very early), but this is absolutely not true.” “The return on early action (for the Big Four) is so high that it is actually an early decision … You won`t reject them if you come in,” Schapiro said. “So, for us, we`re selective enough to ask people to agree if we welcome you, but we`re not the Big Four where you could actually make an early decision and call it early action.” “At the end of the day, it`s nice to have a cohort of students on campus for whom Northwestern was their favorite and first choice,” Watson said.

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