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Video Copilot License Agreement

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Video Copilot License Agreement

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What I understood (and I may be wrong) is that the license is not clear, but envato decided to go with the requested video co-pilot, even if the license is not clear. Maybe they did good or not, it is not for me to decide. If you don`t use any of the content sold by Video Copilot to create your rendering, there is no license agreement that can deny you it. Even if this passage exists in the license (and no one comes with this line until now), it will not be valid, because no one has the copyright to my work and what I can do with it. You can recognize the fear in your advocacy, from the hectic, illogical approach, legally exclude non-buyers from participating in the plugin. It is quite unfortunate that in this era of freedom of information, it has become almost impossible to sell something digital without these exclusion costs. It is undeniable that it will cost the video co-pilot more to enforce the clause that limits pre-returned items than it will cost them if they leave them open. And yes, people mentioned the impossibility that someone could talk about a pre-rendered through the other 3D item rendered through conventional 3D packages. And it`s cool to see A. Kramer on video forums? I came to AE because of him and through his tutorials. Buying its new plug-in is the least I can do case B: you buy the 3D element and use a chicken model that you made yourself. The textures are made by you. So are the materials.

You animate the chicken with the 3D element, you realize the project. You want to download the chicken video in a marketplace. You can do it. But not on videohive, because envato does not allow you to do so. No problem, you have to respect the rules of the market place. I believe this part of the license covers pre-returners: What I would like to emphasize is that the video co-pilot license does not deny the use of the 3D element to create Stock Rendering elements if you don`t use content. By the meaning of the content z.B. objects or materials. The license is very clear.

This statement, which you quoted in my article, was to point out that you can create a project with the 3D element if the models and other assets are original, and you transmit it in a way where buyers must also own the 3D element. You can`t download a project if you`re moving the same models so buyers can use the project even if they don`t own the 3D element. Please understand that we must comply with all licenses and guidelines for all platforms we support here on VH. Therefore, if Video Copilot`s license explicitly states a directive without preaching, we will force it. If you really want to include 3D prerenders in your projects, this may be the time to start with C4D or any other 3D software. Similarly, all VH authors are frustrated when people illegally download and use your projects (against licensing), please keep it here and up and do the right thing. The license is a contract between you and someone, and a contract can be void if the rules are against the law. (I`m not referring here to the 3D license of Co-pilot Video Element) I can`t use content (as defined by Video Copilot at the beginning of the license). That`s right, it makes sense. No Doru. VC and any other company or author have the final say on the use of their products (plugins, software, images, videos, music), not envato.

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