A Közlönyben megjelent rendelkezések értelmében boltunkban továbbra is vásárolhatók az 1. és 2. osztályú pirotechnikai termékek, amelyek magánterületen korlátozás nélkül felhasználhatók 2020. Szilveszterén is. Üzletünkben minden nap 9 és 19 óra közt várjuk vásárlóinkat.

Yooralla Disability Support Worker Agreement 2017

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Yooralla Disability Support Worker Agreement 2017

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8.2 The employer and workers (or their representatives) may, through a consultation mechanism relevant to the size, structure and needs of the business, reach agreement on changes in working practices and conditions that result in a change in a certain provision of this premium, provided: 14.1 Employer-employee notice period, bonus salaries and conditions, which are generally higher than those prescribed by that price, were employed by a respondent in 1996 by a respondent and are still entitled to such wages and overall conditions higher than those prescribed by that price. This entitlement will remain until the wages and conditions provided for in this allowance are either higher or equivalent to these rights, or for a period of 12 months, depending on what happens in the first place. Any claims arising from its activities are determined in accordance with point 10 – Recourse procedure and/or the negotiation of certified agreements. ANNEXE B – LEAVE RESERVED MATTERSLeave is reserved for the Union to request the increase in the sleep allowance provided for in Section 6 – Sleepover part B, in accordance with the Commission`s wage-setting principles. ANNEXE C – SCHEDULE OF RESPONDENTS 16.1 The rates of pay in this price include the adjustment of the safety net to be paid as part of the May 2005 safety net review decision [PR002005]. This adjustment of the safety net put in place can be compensated at an equivalent amount in the wage rates collected by employees whose wages and conditions of employment are governed by this bonus and which are higher than the wage rates prescribed by the premium. These bonuses include salaries that must be paid on the basis of certified agreements, current operational enterprise flexibility agreements, Australian enterprise agreements, bonus deviations for enterprise agreements and transfer agreements. Absorption contrary to the terms of an agreement is not necessary. With the expiration, in nominal terms, of the agreement on the Community health sector more than a year ago, on 30 June 2016, measures to improve the salaries and conditions of allied health professionals in the community health sector and the well-being of the sector as a whole are beginning to begin. The “Community Health Advocacy” campaign is being introduced in all self-governing community health centres, which raise not only the issue of the wages and conditions of allied health professions, but also the survival of community health as a vital sector of health in Victoria, according to egalitarian principles. Part B – Housing/care benefits that are not the half-day model 26.3.1, an employer and its employees may agree to replace another day with those prescribed by this clause. To this end, the agreement of the majority of the workers concerned constitutes an agreement.

14.4, point (d), for trainees whose employment under an internship agreement or an approved internship is valid for a specified period or limited, for other reasons, to the duration of the agreement; or 7.5 Inconsistencies in the translation procedure are found in accordance with paragraph 10 – Procedure for appealing this sentence.

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